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ADHD Awesome! "MICRO-MACRO" & lunch after @ Redfern Carriageworks
JOIN US to see and hear an awesome art installation. Called "Micro Macro" it is a free, light and sound installation, by world renowned artist Ryoji IKEDA. IT COSTS US NOTHING TO ENTER and should really stimulate our ADHD senses! The artist who created "Micro Macro" is interested in String Theory and Black Holes. His inspiration for this installation is the connection between the sub-atomic world and the farthest reaches of the cosmos. We'll watch everything unfold around us on an 10.8 metres high x 20 metres long multi-media screen at this sound & vision event! Be mesmerized and immersed in the stunning dual projections that have a fearful sense of urgency. Watch as atoms collide and stars implode. Your body will be buffeted by waves of electronic info converted into incomprehensible clusters of lines, dots and grids. Be entranced as the screen bursts into a rapid-fire procession of supernovas ... and more! DETAILS START Time: Carraigeworks at 11AM sharp Please plan your trip, so youre at Carriageworks on time TRANSPORT: closest station is Redfern COST: event is FREE but bring some money for your lunch. LUNCH: after taking in "Micro-Macro" we'll eat & chat at a local cafe/restaurant afterwards.

Carriageworks Farmer's Market

245 Wilson Street · Eveleigh / Redfern

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    Maintaining friendships and planning social time can be hard if you have ADHD. We are busy with work, family, study and life. Time goes by. We miss that coffee/chat or put that activity on hold etc.

    But the fact is, mixing and meeting like-minded people, is a vital aspect of building a healthy, happy, ADHD life!

    We are a volunteer run, not-for-profit group. We enjoy social activities, exchange information/resources and relax. At meetups we talk about ADHD themes, share ideas, embrace our personality traits and build on our unique strengths.

    Everyone who'd like to meet fellow travelers in the growing ADHD community, is encouraged to attend.

    See you soon.

    Ps: new ideas are always welcome. Send us a message, all suggestions are considered seriously, unless they're difficult or silly ones .. in which case they'll be taken in the spirit intended :)

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