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Crosstraining Fitness Bootcamp in Hyde Park - Free
Crosstraining Fitness Bootcamp in Hyde Park - Free
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Welcome to Sydney's greatest social bootcamp! We are a large group of young professionals that love working out with friends on Mondays and Wednesdays. Most of our members tell us they found their best friends in Sydney thanks to us, and we hope you do too. You're guranteed to be personally introduced to 20-40 young professionals upon arrival.

Our group is a huge network of people built up over many years (we're the first social bootcamp) and our members join us for regular social and big parties.

Bootcamp is FREE for the first 20 people who RSVP to each session and then a thrifty $5 for everyone else. To keep it fair, the rule is if you RSVP in the first 20 spots, but later change your RSVP to "not going" (at any time), there's a $20 fee.

Location: (see map) Elizabeth St foopath near Museum Station bus stand C

Bootcamp meeting location, where the park's footpath meets Elizabeth St next to Museum bus stand "C". From the ANZAC monument walk 75 meters straight down the footpath to Elizabeth St. This is also close to the statue of bullets (Aboriginal War memorial).

It's also 75 meters from Museum Station (corner of Elizabeth St & Liverpool St) but there are some blue construction fences between the meeting point and Museum Station.

Please make sure you update your RSVP for each session (you can do this on the Meetup app). It's helpful to check who is going to each session. If you're a newbie, keep an eye out for the "Regulars". These guys and girls come to bootcamp consistently and give 100% effort at each session. They are also people you're most likely to see again and become friends. We currently have 50 Regulars, growing each month.

Arrival: Please arrive at 6:20pm. Check in with an organiser, say hi to old friends and new. If you're not free, please have a $5 note.

Unlike other Meetup groups, we are pedantic about keeping our attendance list accurate. That's why it's important you RSVP. Please have a Meetup photo that clearly shows what you look like. This helps the instructors and other bootcampers to remember you.


How much does Bootcamp cost? FREE for the first 20 RSVPs in each session - see above. To qualify for the free list, you must arrive by 6:25pm (and introduce yourself to all the newbies if you've been to more than 6 bootcamps and aren't a newbie yourself--this doesn't apply to newbies but ensures that all newbies are introduced to lots of the regulars).

What should I bring?
As little as possible as there are no lockers or storage unfortunately. Bring what you can carry while you run.

How fit do I need to be?
You should be above average fitness, with no health conditions or injuries. Our workouts are highly organised and vary from week to week but as a test, you should be able to do: 60 second plank, 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 20 pushups (on the knees for girls) and 20 jumping jacks. You should also be able to jog for at least 3km without stopping.

How many people attend?
On average, about 50-70 or so people come each week. We prioritise members that have fun, work hard and make friends.

How do I find you?
Look for a group of people dressed to exercise at our meeting spot.

During bootcamp, if you do not feel well enough to exercise or have an injury, you should let someone know and leave the session immediately.

Exercise with your head as much as your body. Attending any bootcamp session is absolutely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, injury or damage arising in any way. We want you to have fun and meet new people while you workout, but only if you're already reasonably fit and healthy. We are after all an organised recreational group and your leaders are not certified or professionally acknowledged, so you should accept this if you attend. We hope you understand. Have fun.