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Sydney Feminists Social #3

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Feminism: A movement founded on the belief that women are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as men, and that these rights should be always upheld, defended, and codified.

Meetup Group Description:

The Sydney Feminists is a small, not-for-profit group primarily interested in educating the public about feminism and the damaging effects of sexism. The Meetup Group functions as the social wing of SydFem, and is a platform for civil, friendly discussion about feminist issues. We welcome people with a keen and positive interest in feminism who wish to respectfully engage with others in conversation. Our socials are safe spaces for people to talk about various topics without judgement or prejudice. People of all genders and ages are welcome and we are Trans-inclusive.

Ground Rules for Joining:

· This group is for people who support the goals of feminism to engage with one another in a friendly, civil manner. If you are not a self-described feminist yet, but are very keen to see what it’s all about, you’re welcome to join, provided that you are not coming from an anti-feminist angle, ideology or standpoint.

· Our members are people looking to socialise with like-minded individuals and are not there as scholars or educators, so please do not join with the intention of questioning their feminism, personal experiences, thoughts and feelings. If you have questions about what our group is about or feminist theory, please contact us via email ( ) or check out our website for more info: (

· Hate speech, anti-feminist ranting, interrogation and aggression will not be tolerated at socials. If you come here to infiltrate or disrupt the group, or otherwise stir up trouble and upset people, you will be removed from the group.

· Men’s Rights Activists, misogynists, trolls and anti-feminist antagonists are not welcome; neither will we tolerate racism, sexism or other forms of negative discrimination.

· The group is not a place for men to pick up women. If your primary goal in joining is to practice your Pick Up Artist (PUA) skills and seduce or harm any of our members, don’t join. This space is about respecting and listening to women and their experiences with sexism, racism, homophobia etc. and not for picking them up.

· Feminism is a broad activism and we may not always agree with one another, so we ask that any debate is kept civil and respectful with consideration for the feelings and personal experiences of others.

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