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Anyone, of any age, looking to feel better. Whether that's with weight loss, injury rehabilitation, energy and performance, fitness or strength. This Meetup is for like minded individuals who are looking for help to lose weight and get their health back or for helpers who are interested in the wellness industry and looking to join fellow groundbreaking specialists in the fields of personal training, nutrition and professional health practitioners such as chiropractors and kinesiologists.

The purpose of the Meetup group is twofold; to create a community of health professionals, nutritionists and personal trainers, keenly managed and accepted purely based on their groundbreaking alternative and modern methods of practice.

Secondly and most importantly; attracting young, middle aged or old people who need help to recover from illness or injury or who simply want to lose weight and feel great again. In addition, for those interested, we join forces and spread the word and share our experiences to others that need help.

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