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Hi! Are you a committed writer, looking for something to do in the cooler, cozy months ahead? Do you picture yourself writing that long-awaited book, film-script, or thesis in a café, bar, park or a fire-lit spot in a pub? And do you need company to help you in this task, people to drink the necessary coffee and wine with you, read your material, give you feedback, pat you on the back, encourage you along the way - and basically just hang out with to get some writing done, and make the task a little less solitary?

If so, welcome to The Winter Writing Project. We are interested in getting a group of people together who are interested in committing to a project to finish writing a complete draft of something – anything – by around August 2015. The plan is to have a meetup at least once every fortnight between now and then to exchange material, give each other feedback and support, and just hang out and write together. Preferably we can form a group of people who are interested in hanging out together on a regular basis (hopefully weekly) in order to do some actual writing together, and discuss ideas and many such things.

Preferably, you're willing to provide a draft outline of what you want to do in the months ahead by the first Meetup. Doesn't matter what you want to do, so long as you have something you want to get done. We can help you stick to your deadlines - if you want us to! The primary purpose of the project, though, is to form a like-minded, supportive group that actually wants to write things and complete them. Hope this is you. If so, please join up and come along.

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