Meet Ron Freeman, candidate for Sheriff, Forsyth County

What we'll do

Ron Freeman, one of the candidates for Sheriff of Forsyth County, will be one of our speakers. A graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College, Ron has been in law enforcement for almost 30 years. You may think the difference between a Sheriff and a police officer is just a matter of jurisdiction, but the fact that a Sheriff is elected means he works for you in stead of some municipality. Among other topics, Ron will be disusing:

• The difference between police and Sheriff

• Powers of a Sheriff

• What is a deputy, how are they authorized, for how long, etc.

• What he would do in the face of a crisis, when, perhaps, federal or state government wanted to confiscate guns and/or impose martial law

• What are the biggest problems in the Cumming/Forsyth area