Real-time data processing at scale for the cybersecurity domain

VMware Bulgaria Tech Meet-ups
VMware Bulgaria Tech Meet-ups
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VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an antivirus/EDR SAAS solution at scale, addressing the use-cases of advanced threat-hunting, incident response and risk/compliance for enterprise businesses. It puts a particular emphasis on next gen security detection and prevention techniques revolving around analyzing user and systems' behavior patterns. These provide the capabilities to address the new breed of advanced cyberattacks that don't resort to malware and are much more sophisticated in nature.

Carbon Black's ambitious product-line results in multiple engineering challenges, particularly in terms of the magnitude of the incoming data processing and analysis that is necessitated when reasoning about systems and user behavior. The architecture of the platform is capable of simultaneously addressing the needs of a low latency security analysis, as well as the more sophisticated, in-depth and computationally-heavy analytics.

This meetup session will present a walk-through in the technical designs, problems and solutions that the engineering team has built to achieve these competing goals.