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Pan-India Open Tech Forum Meetup
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Jointly sponsored by OpenStack Users Group India(Bengaluru), Amrita University, Kollam Campus FOSS Group.

OpenStack Technology Institute Day is a program to share knowledge about the different ways of contributing to OpenStack like providing new features, writing documentation, participating in working groups, and so forth. The educational program is built on the principle of open collaboration and will teach the students how to find information and navigate the intricacies of the project’s technical tools and social interactions in order to get their contributions accepted. The training is focusing on hands-on practice like the students can use a prepared development environment to learn how to test, prepare and upload new code snippets or documentation for review. The attendees are also given the opportunity to join a mentoring program to get further help and guidance on their journey to become an active and successful member of the OpenStack community.

By registering here in Open Technology Foundation meetup site, you will gain the benefits of future events as well as support for Open Source Technology besides OpenStack, Open Infrastructure and other Open events on hot topics like Kubernetes, Containerization, Linux Kernel & Networking, Storage and Security related technology events.

You can review link below for last event of OpenStack India User Group at Bengaluru.

You can register for current event here and for receiving OPenStack Upstream training we will add a link like once above where we will confirm onsite registration.

Note this is a hands-on session and an early prep work by individuals both trainers and mentors (coaches) will enhance the value to attendees.

Here are links to review

Information about training

Training Content

Attendees can use their laptops the whole time to read the learning materials and complete the exercises. Power & WiFi access will be available at the Venue. If you do not have a laptop please try to work with your friends who own or can share with you as attendees.

You can respond on the meetup site here and local hosts /organizers - Prof. Vipin and FOSS team.

Open Technology and Open Source for the benefit of all humans.
All attendees will be required to bring their Photo ID's to ensure admission for the event.

Here is the tentative schedule for you to plan.
1. Registration – 9:30 to 9:45
2. Welcome Keynote by Prakash Ramchandran
3. Updates from Dr Ganesh Hiregoudar
4. FOSS activities update from Prof. Vipin
5. Sandbox Patch submissions for OpenStack - Community Mentors (Digmbar Patil)