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Vedic Meditation is a simple and effortless technique for profoundly deep rest. Easy to learn and practice. Ideal for busy people who would like an effective way to counter daily stresses as well as improve resilience against demands. Experience an immediate energy boost, resulting in better health, focus and creativity. It works as a preventative measure as well - age less quickly, get sick less often. There is a procedure to it, so it works just as well even if we have a busy mind or have trouble concentrating. Please attend an information session if you have a specific issue such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and so forth. There are many success stories. This is a very practical technique; ideal for busy corporate workers, hardworking Mums and Dads, overworked students, and anyone who wants an advantage in a modern life. Children's program also available. It is learned as a short course, and then we can practice the technique by ourselves for daily benefit. Optional weekly follow-up classes are included. Please join this group if you are interested in attending an information session about the course, to answer your specific questions and so you may make an informed decision about it.

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