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One of the greatest challenges for women in business, whether earning a weekly pay packet or working in their own business is knowing where to turn to discuss problems and receive great advice from other women who have been there and have the answer.

That is the beauty of a Business Support Network Group.

When you participate in a Business Support Network group you will:

• Gain insight into overcoming setbacks

• Form connections

• Receive input and feedback

• Be accountable for your results

• Be introduced to new ideas, tools, processes

• Gain satisfaction from yourself and others achieving

• Discover the know-how and benefits to goal setting

Along with the group discussions, meetings will include presentations from an industry expert on topics of interest for the development of the group.

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FREE WEBINAR - How to Create a Webinar Funnel & Increase Conversions

Generate more leads, reach a bigger audience, and make more sales from webinars.

Learn the Art of Selling 1-to-Many in this FREE Webinar – January 10.
Webinars are proving one of the best methods to sell 1-to-many…when you know how to get it right.

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At this webinar learn how a simple 5-step process will increase sales and save you valuable time.

• Step 1: How to Use a Webinar Funnel to Grow Your Business
• Step 2: How to Create a High Energy Presentation
• Step 3: Why You Must Follow a Formula & a Proven Process
• Step 4: How to Market & Set up the Tech Side of Your Webinar
• Step 5: How to Put it all Together so People Show up and Spend
Learn from two experts:

Chantal Gerardy - International Award Winning Strategist & Social Media Coach at Chantal Gerardy Online Business Strategist will share valuable information on how to get people to your webinar and the tech steps you need to know to ensure it is a success. https://chantalgerardy.com.au/

Janeen Vosper - International Speaker and Sales Communication Coach at www.janeenvosper.com will explain what you need to know to create an engaging PowerPoint presentation that will have people spending.

If you are tired of trying to sell 1-to-1 and want to take your business to the next level, this webinar is a MUST.

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FREE Results-Based Communications Training for Leaders of High-Performing Teams


In this Webinar, we will discuss how you can enhance the 5 skills that are absolutely necessary for successful communication in the workplace (or private life).
Thursday February 3rd at 12:00pm AEST (Queensland time), 1:00pm (Daylight time)

Register with this link.

Skills that will help you to empower your team to have a voice and motivate them to step up giving their 'best' performance.

>Straight talking.
>Non-verbal communication.
>Stress management.
>Emotion control.

In today’s highly matrixed work environment, the number of people you communicate with daily has exploded.

With so much of our work hinging on human collaboration and engagement, your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas is pivotal to influencing and getting things done through others.

As it is for your staff.

Join this lunchtime training to learn how effective communication will provide you with the tools to express your thoughts and opinions with confidence and conviction.

Janeen Vosper

TOPIC OF THE DAY - Writing Simple Sales Copy that Gets Results

1/157 Station Rd



Don't be concerned if there is only one person is registered on Meetup. Most bookings come through Eventbrite, with a maximum of 20 entrepreneurial women attending each meeting.

You Don't Have To Go It Alone. Be Supported - Share Ideas - Gain Clarity.

Not your usual Meetup.

You get to...

Network - Promote - Connect - Brainstorm - Learn

The benefits of joining mastermind groups are enormous!

1. You get to form deep and lasting connections with women on a similar journey.

2. You receive input and feedback from successful individuals on how to solve your most pressing business issues.

3. You are held accountable for accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

4. You are introduced to ideas, tools, processes, and individuals that could mean the difference between your success or failure.

5. You have the satisfaction of helping others achieve their business goals as well.

7:15 – order breakfast/coffee (if you wish)
7:30 – short self-introduction and if attended the previous meeting, comments on accountability goal
7:45 – education/training on the topic of the day
8:10 – break into groups of 3-4 for Mastermind discussion (randomly chosen)
Each person has 8-10 minutes in their group to share issues regarding the topic theme, commit to an action, feedback on previous accountability especially if it bought up issues & discussion time on any other issue they want assistance resolving.
8:45 – feedback from individuals as to their actions before the next meeting
9:00 – finish

This is a safe space where ideas are respected.

At each meeting, you receive coaching from business trainer, and organiser, Janeen Vosper on various communication and business-building topics.

Janeen has over 20 years of experience coaching high-performing sales teams, General Manager of a multi-million dollar business, and is the author of 'Good Girls do Sell - The Modern Business Woman's Guide to Authentic Selling' and 'Being Unstoppable'. https://janeenvosper.com/

Sell from Webinar Mastery - 2-Day Boot Camp Feb 2022 (Gold Coast or online)

Sell from Webinar Mastery
Find your Audience & get them to Show up and Spend

Would you like to find more of your audience online
and turn them into ‘believers’?

Strictly limited numbers - register here https://programs.chantalgerardy.com.au/sell-from-webinar-mastery/

Generate more leads, reach a bigger audience, and make more sales from webinars.

Webinars are a great way to sell ‘one to many'.
The more people you can get in front of, the quicker you can build that know, like and trust, the less time and effort you can spend on sales calls.
Your Bootcamp includes NOT just learning but DOING with 2 Experts !!

In this practical workshop, Janeen will help you...

1. Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentation.

2. Create a high-quality professional presentation.

3. Use a simple formula to sell without selling on your webinar.

Chantal will show you...

1. How to promote your webinar on social media to get sign-ups.

2. What to include in emails to get show-ups.

3. How to follow up to get sales.

Share your knowledge and expertise ‘one to many’ and get more clients
Register today.
Payment to attend is ONLY available via this link.

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