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Web Meetup Cologne is in English.

Web Meetup Cologne is made for everybody who is doing development for the web, or is interested in that topic. We are a community of very open minded people who are interested in learning new things and sharing our knowledge.

Our meetup topics are as wide ranging as our interests: we talk about using new technologies to enhance our frontends, new languages to make our backend development more easy and secure as well as talking about what it means to do the actual work (including agile development, testing and refactoring).
We make very sure, that every meetup has a valuable learning for everybody, from somebody who is a novice in the world of web engineering to somebody who has been there from the start.
Every meetup will be held in English and we require everybody who is joining to agree to our code of conduct.

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Async Programming && Design Systems && How to Develop Your Company

The sponsor for our event in September will be HRS (https://www.hrs.de/) * Matthias Endler: "How Does Async Programming Work?" * Markus Kucborski: "Top 5 Lessons-Learned: How to develop your company" * Konstantin Tieber: "Kickstart a Design System Revolution with Storybook" >>> Agenda <<< • 18:45 - 19:15: Arrival, get to know each other • 19:20 - 20:00: Talk #1 + Q&A • 20:00 - 20:30: Talk #2 + Q&A • 20:30 - 21:00: Talk #3 + Q&A • 21:00 - Open-end: discussions and soft drinks, outside in the sun >>> Speakers <<< >> Matthias Endler << Matthias is a programming aficionado from Düsseldorf, feeling right at home in the lower levels of the computing stack. For his day job, he's working on Website Performance at trivago. At night, he's putting on his Batman cape to write emulators and WebAssembly modules. He also used to have a YouTube channel called "Hello, Rust!" which he is planning to revive since one year. "It will be back one day", he promises. Check out his blog at matthias-endler.de or his Twitter @matthiasendler. __Talk description__ If you work with Node.js or Python you might have heard of asynchronous programming a.k.a. async/await. It lets you do something else while you wait on some work to be done in the background - like reading a file or sending some data over the network. But what is it, really? And are there differences between the programming languages? Let's go on a trip through async-land and discover callbacks, event loops, and state machines. We will look at Node's, Python's, and Rust's async features and how they work under the hood. >> Markus Kucborski << Markus fills in interim CTO/COO roles for corporates and software companies in case major changes to products, platform infrastructure and teams are scheduled. He currently works as interim COO at KAUZ Linguistic technologies that aims to develop the best German-speaking service for natural language understanding(NLU) for enterprise customers. Markus promoted professional team play before it was mainstream. He is a strong promoter of constant learning and self development. Therefore he has always one to many unfinished pet project himself with some technology-to-come. His current pet is generating training data for an unfinished machine learning pipeline to take the burden out of GDPR with the help of NLP & NLU for large volume website owners. __Talk description__ In the talk Markus shares his experience from many engineerial and managerial roles from his past 25 years experience in corporates and software product companies. We will jointly discover some answers. Why are there no technical problems but other symptoms of your underlying problem visible in your platform? Why do team velocities still not solve the mythical man month problem described in 1975? How can you assess and discuss your and your teams professionality level? How can you develop yourself and your team to the next level? How can each team contribute to your companies strategy and vision? >> Konstantin Tieber << Konstantin is an avid meetup attendant in the Bonn and Cologne area. He has started a new software endeavor in January 2019 by joining one of the frontend teams at LeanIX in big scale angular development after working as a Symfony (PHP) developer with a passion for frontend. He specializes in giving talks inspired from real experiences in his daily work. __Talk description__ The frontenders at LeanIX have added Storybook to their tool belt in the beginning of June this year and it's had a major positive impact on how developers and designers collaborate and it saves us time while working on our UI components. The goal of this talk is to get you or your fellow frontenders to start using Storybook, which can kickstart establishing a Design System / Living Styleguide and a component library (I will also explain why you would want those). If you're wondering, Storybook is framework agnostic! It officially supports HTML, React, Angular, Vue, Svelte and many more.

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