What we're about

A group for photographers of all levels from novice to pro. We are about meeting up and sharing some fun & learning with our cameras! A big part of our focus will be on taking your camera and using full manual mode with studio portrait learning & practise. Over a number of weeks you will have the opportunity to become confident in using pro lighting to take great pictures. We will take lighting outside for street photography also with a professional model.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this group, where in an informal setting a group of friendly photographers share learning & experience with each other in a non judgemental way. The positive atmosphere encourages photographers from novice onwards to feel comfortable about their current level wherever that is, ask questions and receive help getting to their next level. This is practical, hands on and about trying new things you could not do on a formal course. You can really see the progress from one meetup to the next. This is about hands on practical learning, the type you get from sharing experience with photographers, rather than from a book. It's about you helping to shape what we do and I will be asking you what you want to try out. It's also about sharing good company! See you there!

Don't forget we also have a discussion forum, which presents opportunities to discuss all sorts of photography issues, swap notes and ask for guidance from other members. Check it out from the Discussions link on the home page.

We now also have a Facebook group, which acts as a forum for attendees to complement this site. You can apply to join here:


I am Mark Kenwood. I am a self taught professional photographer. You can see my work here: www.wetakegreatpictures.com. You can also follow me on Facebook & Twitter (links via the website or FB search "wetakegreatpictures" and Twitter @WeTakeGreatPics). If you visit FB and like my images please do like my page!

Past Events

Halloween Horror and SFX

SS Creative Studios, Telsen Centre

GBP 10.60
Halls of History Special Venue

Haden Hill Park

GBP 26.10
Gothic Steampunk Adventure

SS Creative Studios, Telsen Centre

GBP 10.60
Floral Fashion and Garden Garlands

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

GBP 10.60

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