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Welcome! Are you interested in Whole Foods for a healthy lifestyle? Or like to know how to include more fresh fruit & veg into your diet? Want to lose weight? Feel more energised? Or simply become more passionate about life & more empowered?

This group aims to bring together like-minded Whole Food & Sustainable Living enthusiasts, to build a support network of friends to share knowledge and to help you to reach & live your health goals! If you have children, no doubt you are interested in bringing up your children in best of health! With all the junk food choices, it seems there's no easy solution whether you're meal-planning for your kids or yourself.

Learn how easy & tasty it is to successfully include Fruit & Veg into ANY diet, and reap the health benefits instantly. Do you have a GOAL of wanting to live a healthier lifestyle through a positive outlook, eating more raw foods, and wanting to be more active?


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FREE EVENT - Authentic Education - Prosper from your passion

TICKETS: https://is.gd/RKVmz3 Who's It For? Busy people that want to block out 1 entire day to focus on the direction of their life, career or business Anyone that's grinding away 9 to 5 in a job they don’t love Anyone with a BIG idea or a PASSION they're not pursuing that doubts their ability to make it a reality People who are thinking about starting a new business but don’t know where to start People who want to share a positive message through coaching, presentations, workshops or online education Existing successful business owners looking for more tips and strategies on how to create a better connection with their customers, work more efficiently and improve their current lifestyle Anybody that wants to get better at presenting or improve their productivity _________________________ BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW at this link: https://is.gd/RKVmz3

Soul Power Workshop (2 days)

Brisbane City

Be calm, centered and connected! Presented by Diane Bellchambers (Hons Psych) Speaker | Educator | Author Workshop is a blend of psychology, mindfulness and spirituality. TWO DAY WORKSHOP 9.00AM - 5.00PM SATURDAY 4TH & SUNDAY 5TH MAY 2019 LEARN TO LIVE AND WORK AS A SOUL AND SEE THE SOUL IN OTHERS THIS WORKSHOP SHOWCASES HOW TO STAND LOVINGLY IN YOUR POWER WHILE ALLOWING OTHERS TO STAND IN THEIRS. IT ALSO PROVIDES TOOLS FOR COPING WITH DAILY CHALLENGES AND KEEPING YOUR LIFE ON TRACK. You will learn how to live with less negativity, how to free yourself from the personality and appreciate your own true worth. "A little know-how goes a long way!" Workshop run BY DONATION RSVP for VENUE DETAILS.

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