What we're about

Women 2 Women Wisdom Sunshine Coast is a space where you come to: - Get inspired and encompass all the different stages of being a Woman - It's about encouring each other on how to support yourself through the different stages of Womanhood, voicing unspoken ideas and conversations, "What Women don't talk about".

All whilst building a fullfilling relationship with your family, that you absolutely love and a deep understanding of yourself - especially your menstural cycle. Every single one of us have been through the experience of "What Women don't talk about" and the loneliness of dealing with these uncomfortable situations.

Let's be COURAGEOUS, let's be PASSIONATE and let's be CONSCIOUS of the conversations that we can have with other Women, to empower ourselves through Womanhood, with Ancient Feminine knowledge long forgotten.

Leading ourselves into greatness can be challenging, so too is being a mother, so let's come together to KICK-START the conversation and empower ourselves with the support & information we need to build a beautiful and positive connection with ourselves and our families.

Here is your OPPORTUNITY to receive the knowledge that you may never have received yourself and BE INSPIRED to break the cycle on a natural stages of life. Together we will SHARE, CONNECT and build our CONFIDENCE with like minded spirited women and have LOTS and LOTS of fun in the process.

JOIN us and You will always have a network of support, guidance and friendship, as you make your way through the journey of this exciting but empowering time with yourself. Don't forget to join the facebook group.

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