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Do you want to become more aware about abuse and relationships for yourself so you can feel empowered and act in a preventative way for yourself or for your friendships?

Are you worried about a woman close to you?

Does your instinct tell you she is unsafe?

Would you like to help her but unsure what to say or do?

This is a group for women who want to learn how they can effectively support themselves and other women who may be trapped or unaware they are in an emotionally or physically violent relationship.

Learn how to:

* Ask the right questions

* New effective tools to help you manage your stress and worry for her

* How to listen supportively and make a difference

* Learn about the types of abuse, the hooks and myths

* Manage safety, both for your friend / family member, and for yourself

* Access appropriate support services

All the information is protective for your own journey in life and in your friendships with other women.

This group is a unique and powerful community of women who want to develop the understanding and skills to support themselves or to manage their fear and emotional pain of watching someone they love and care for who is becoming isolated, controlled and losing their natural sense of self.

We are creating a ripple effect for our women friends and family members who are unable to take the necessary steps.

This group is run by a Survivor who has become a Psychotherapist (over 20 years) and can speak from experience in both sides.

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