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Brunch @ Rocksalt (Brighton) - followed by movie.

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What we're about

This group is for women of all ages and backgrounds to meet, make connections and friendships, share good times and laughter, and have the opportunity to develop those special friendships - full of joy, positivity, fun and warmth - that all women need and long for.

This group does not organize mass scale events, instead, hosts events which generally have 10-12 members. This allows members to get a chance to chat and share good times in a relatively small group setting.

Events are held centrally and we do, at times, venture out in outer and greater Melb for food/fun/weekend adventures.

Group policies:

no-show at first meetup = auto-removal from group. No question asked.
2 no-shows = auto-removal from the group. No question asked.
Changes to RSVP from ' yes to no' on the day of event without seemingly valid reason/contact with organiser, will be marked as a no-show and may be removed from group if this occurs frequently for you
Changes in RSVP within 24 hours prior to an event/during an event without any contact with the organizer = marked as no-show.
joining and forgetting the group ie no login in 3 months = removal of membership with an invite to join back another time when it's possible to attend
> 6 months' inactive membership (no attendance to any event in 6 months) = auto-removal from the group (you are welcome to re-join at a later date when you have more time to attend socials).
Unsocial behaviour (and there is a range, we know) will not be tolerated and members will be notified and can have membership removed.

This group is not for you:

If you are extremely shy/socially anxious/socially awkward
If you 'join and forget' the group, never attend/rsvp as you find nothing that interests you
If you have an alcohol abuse problem
you are a member of an extensive list of meetup groups but don't attend any event with any group
if you already have a large social group and just want to experiment with meetup
if you want somebody else to sort out your social life/organise things for you


Please feel free to email the organizer about any suggestion you may have about meetup event.

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