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    Joined 11 Jan. 2015
    I am an online marketer/growth hacker who loves WordPress.
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    This is WordPress HQ.
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    Freelance WordPress Developer
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    Web Developer focusing on Wordpress, HTML 5, and SEO.
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    WDS Front End Dev, geekly Dutchman. But mostly, just a BFG (of the Roald Dahl variety)
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    Seasoned content writer with some marketing skills, looking to build those and nurture her love of event planning. Also a skilled baker and chef; lover of animals and video games.
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    Web Developer / Consultant, empowering business owners through WordPress.
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    Code Jockey, WP Hacker, Technology Evangelist, #GoogleGlass Explorer. Treading the line while I paint outside of it.
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    WordPress is the best thing since sliced bread. Been making my living with it since 2008 ;c )
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    Just a humble web designer looking to connect with people way better than myself in WordPress and development.
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    Orlando Web Wizard - Project Manager, WP Developer
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    This group has fundamentally altered my life, I think for the better. I use WordPress on a daily basis, both for myself and my clients. I run a WordPress maintenance company, https://fixupfox.com