Become INVINCIBLE in Social Media! Half Day Business Workshop - Brisbane

What we'll do


Proximity is Power. ⁣

One of our biggest commitments in 2019 was to not only expand ourselves further but to take our clients with us.⁣

It was by chance, or divine intervention, that we met at one of Tony Robbins event, Date With Destiny.⁣

This was another opportunity to continue our commitment to raise our standards, elevate our peer group, and raise our vibrations.⁣

It was here that we both consciously decided to start living a life of service to people and to live this philosophy to the fullest extent possible.⁣

By meeting and connecting we learnt that we both had a massive skillset...⁣

A skillset that could help entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their current online and offline presence, through social media...⁣

But most importantly help them make an impact and influence in the life of others.⁣

While sharing our own secrets to how we built our success over a combined 7 years in business, we will expand on how we were able to make...⁣

• $1M+ by utilising our BOOM, and MAPS Model with the FB & IG Strategies to convert with UNPAID traffic.⁣
• Over $200K From and...⁣
• $150k+ in less than 4 months ONLINE⁣

To do this we started running our own workshops and the feedback has been remarkable.⁣

Someone who attended testified that within 7 days of working with us got⁣

o 1000 email addresses in 7 days⁣
o $8250 in 7 days in 1:1 Clients⁣
o In 2 weeks gone 1: MANY ~ 7 people⁣
o 2000 email addresses⁣
o Webinar with 200 people promoted in 2 days⁣
o Total of $15,500 in the bank⁣


Talk about BOOMING your business...⁣

We created this half day workshop to teach and empower others with these strategies.⁣

BUT empowering entrepreneurs is provided by offering VALUE, and that is what we want to share...⁣

So, we have attached two videos for you to view and all we ask is that you watch these with an open heart and mind.⁣

And if the videos compel you to take action and massive steps in your life and business, we invite you to join us at our ½ day workshop.⁣

Much Love,⁣