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    Ever notice how much more fun it is to share kooky clips in real-time with friends in the same room?

    Gasp! at spectacular "fails"

    Squawk! as hilarious parodies play out

    Sigh... as wonderous works of art mesmerise

    I saw this work (surprisingly) well at This is Not Art Festival in Newcastle a few years back. Two computers are set up and two people/jockeys take turns projecting their favorite youtube videos (or Vimeo etc) on a big screen with the proviso that only a couple of minutes get shown. After a couple of rounds the audience chooses their favorite jockey to keep going (whoever gets the most applause) while the other jockey gets replaced and someone else has a go.

    Check the videos we showed at our first meetup (

    It naturally veers towards humour because laughter is infectious in a group I suppose but anything goes (bizarre arty video, for instance, is often funny anyhow). It is this group experience that makes the concept work otherwise we may as well just keep clicking away at home.

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