BYO games at The Paddo Hotel

What we'll do

The owners of this hotel reached out to us and suggested we used their venue as a potential place for their meetups. After hosting 2 events at the location, I am looking to host a regular event on a once a month basis for our members to connect. The pub is reasonably quiet between 2-6pm and there is plenty of space to play some games. They even have some comfortable couch locations to play.

The games I will be bringing along include:

1) Monopoly ultimate banking (electronic version of Monopoly with a few different rules - takes an hour to play)
2) Cards Against Humanity
3) Sequence
4) Uno
5) Man bites dog (have the travel version but hope to buy the board game version by this meetup)
6) Monopoly deal (card version of Monopoly takes 20 minutes to play)

Generally I would be limiting this meetup to 8 people but as I'm opening it to the number of games and its an open setting, we could allow for more RSVP's to attend.

If you have some games to bring that would be great, but if you don't thats not a problem. Running this for a 3 month trial with a view to hopefully extend this.

Why should you come to this event?

Did you know that the feeling of loneliness is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes per day? We fully understand the challenge that loneliness has on wellbeing. Our goal is to connect like minded people with fun and engaging activities so that you create friendships with others to reduce that feeling of isolation. We want you to feel part of our welcoming community and have an avenue where you can improve your mental health and wellbeing in a safe and fun setting.

Our values:

Acceptance: we provide a safe and inclusive environment for our members to be socially engaged irrespective of their background

Community: we endeavour to give each and every one of our members and event organisers a community to belong to and friends to connect with

Fun: we keep things fun because they say laughter is the best medicine!

Connect with us:

We’d love to hear from you

About the event host:
Rahul Seth is a Chartered Accountant turned mental health change maker and is the founder of this group. Rahul has learned over the years the importance of social connection and community for mental health recovery, and has connected with others through the pursuits of tennis, volunteering and photography despite his battle with bipolar disorder. After working in the accounting sector for 9 years, Rahul switched into working in the mental health sector which was inspired by creating this meetup group and obtained a certificate IV in mental health. In his spare time Rahul follows Formula 1, listens to music, and does adult colouring books for relaxation.

Read Rahul’s thoughts on the importance of community here:

Follow him on twitter @RS_au or instagram @RahulSethau or feel free to message him on meetup.