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We are the everyday heroes!

Conversation and expert meetings, social events and spontaneous activities. These are the three pillars we focus on. And all this (almost) only for men.

Conversations and expert meetings (aka die Heldentafel)Our main concern. Here we would like to offer a discussion center, where we can talk about certain topics and exchange ideas. Be this career, health, women or the being-in-itself.

Men among themselves who want to go further. We regularly organize an event on a specific theme. To this end, we also want to have an expert to speak. Then we can contribute our own experiences and exchange with our expert.

Social EventsThe Gentlemen's Club of the everyday heroes. Wanted to learn more and more about wine and know whether one is good or not? Or a basic knowledge of the latest knowledge in the gym? Or just get to know new people in a relaxed round?

Then the social events of the everyday heroes are just right for you! We organize events for things you've always wanted to do, even if you did not know about them before.

spontaneous actionsA Christmas stand in the suburban train, a dance flashmob in the shopping center or a talk-to-me-action in the pedestrian zone. We organize actions that bring you out of your comfort zone, make fun and bring people closer.

Because we want to be heroes!


Wir sind die Alltagshelden!

Gesprächs- und Expertenrunden, Social Events und Spontanaktionen. Das sind die drei Pfeiler, auf die wir uns konzentrieren. Und das alles (fast) nur für Männer.

Gesprächs- und Expertenrunden (aka die Heldentafel)
Unser Hauptanliegen. Hier möchten wir eine Gesprächsrunde anbieten, wo wir über bestimmte Themen sprechen und uns austauschen können. Sei dies Karriere, Gesundheit, Frauen oder das Mann-Sein an sich. Männer unter sich, die weiterkommen wollen. Wir organisieren regelmässig eine Veranstaltung zu einem Bestimmten Thema. Hierzu wollen wir auch immer einen Experten zu Wort kommen lassen. Anschliessend können wir unsere eigenen Erfahrungen einbringen und uns auch mit unserem Experten austauschen.

Social Events
Der Gentlemen’s Club der Alltagshelden. Wolltest auch schon immer mehr über Wein lernen und wissen ob einer gut ist oder nicht? Oder dir an einem Workshop ein Grundwissen über die neusten Erkenntnisse im Fitnessbereich aneignen? Oder ganz einfach in einer lockeren Runde neue Leute kennenlernen? Dann sind die Social Events der Alltagshelden genau das richtige für dich! Wir veranstalten Events für Dinge, die du schon immer mal tun wolltest, auch wenn du bisher nichts davon wusstest.

Ein Weihnachtsständchen in der S-Bahn, ein Dance Flashmob im Einkaufszentrum oder eine Talk-to-me-Aktion in der Fussgängerzone. Wir organisieren Aktionen die dich aus deiner Komfortzone bringen, Spass machen und Menschen näher bringen. Denn wir wollen Helden sein!

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World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2019 - Zurich, Switzerland

Where has the human connection gone? Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out... Let's create an international message for peace by sharing 1 minute of eye contact with friends and strangers in the centre of Zurich on the 22st of September. This is part of a global event where people all over the world share the power of eye contact in cities and towns to rebuild our sense of human connection on the same day. Deutsche Beschreibung: http://bit.ly/2NwNQ1X When & Where? Close to the drinking fountain at Zurich Lindenhof, from 2pm until 5pm. You are free in this time frame to come and go when it suits you. What to bring? Let's bring picnic rugs, blankets or... and pillows, cushions or whatever you think will be comfortable to sit, and invite members of the public to come and share a moment of eye contact with us. Instead of pillows you can also bring 2 folding chairs, this makes it easier for the elderly to sit 2Hula Hoops, this is great for standing eye contact or ... Donation This event is totally free. For the 5thyear, many people worldwide have been giving their time during months toprepare and coordinate this global event.There are overhead costs like websites that need to be build, servers hired, mailing liststo be maintained, ... Honestly, there are different reasons why The Liberators International are taking a break and Buddha Theatre picked up the torch but one of them is an economical one. We want to make this event available to every single person on the planet so it is and will always be free. If you were able to appreciate the power of what true connection can do for you, how it can bring peace to the world and you wish The Liberators’s events to continue so that people after you can still enjoy the beauty of an authentic connection then leave a donation in accordance to your financial situation at the page of "The Liberators International" below. All donations are 100% destined for "The Liberators International". We, as your local host, BuddhaTheatre and its collaborators offer all contributions to the Liberators. Our dream is to have the whole world sit in peace. Your donation, small or big, brings us one step closer: https://www.theliberators.org/donate How You Can Help? 1. Show the world that you’re participating at this beautiful event by adding the Facebook profile frame ‘Eye Contact Experiment 2019’. Just click the link below to add it to your Facebook profile picture: http://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?selected_overlay_id=923874164627282 2.We are currently searching for volunteers to help launch the experience. So tellus if you’d like to help organize this with us by commenting on the page...or by sending us a private message. 3. Click attending on this event 4. Invite your interested friends and family to this event and the global event. 5. Share this event on your facebook wall. See you there! More information? Founders: - The Liberators International: https://www.eyecontactexperiment.org - 2019 Organisers: http://www.buddhatheatre.be - Grupo Atman: https://www.grupoatman.es - Sollvision: https://www.sollvision.nl #share1minute #eyecontactexperiement #eyecontactexperiementzurich #alltagsheldenschweiiz

World Singing Day Zurich 2019


World Singing Day Zurich 2019 Local Host: Janos Horvath, Director of Alltagshelden Schweiz In celebration of World Singing Day 2019, sing along with old friends and friends you haven't met yet at the World Singing Day Zurich sing-along on Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 20:00-21:00. We'll be spontaneously singing and connecting with other. This event is free and open to anyone who loves to sing and wants to raise the level of joy in Zurich for the day. No rehearsals means no worries. Just show up and sing! Lyrics provided on-site. ------------------------------------- A message from the founder of World Singing Day Let’s unite the world in song at peaceful sing-alongs all over the world on Saturday, October 19, 2019. This year we'll be celebrating our 8th annual global sing-along and volunteer hosts around the world, just like Janos Horvath, will be hosting sing-alongs in their own communities on the same day as yours. When you sing on World Singing Day you are being a part of something big. Our theme song carries our simple message: "I sing to you and you sing to me. We sing together till the whole world sings." It’s a simple but powerful idea and we expect lots of people to join in the fun this year. Mark "Going" on this event and get your free tickets above. You won't need to bring your ticket with you on October 19, but registering for your ticket(s) will help David better plan for the event. Have fun Zurich! Let's sing together and unite the world. -Scott Johnson, founder of World Singing Day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- World Singing Day 2019 sing-along events coordinated by the World Singing Day team in the birthplace of WSD, Boulder, Colorado USA Learn more at www.WorldSingingDay.org Official Hashtags are: #WSD, #worldsingingday, #WSD2019, #8thAnnualWorldSingingDay #worldsingingday #zurichsings #singingtogether #connectingcommunities #connection #family #thisiswsd Founded in 2012 by Colorado musician, Scott Johnson, World Singing Day brings people together in their communities all around the world through the simple act of singing together. It’s an opportunity each year to celebrate our global family through the international language of music. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, World Singing Day is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. It aims to transcend those differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings. --------------------------------------------------- Learn more about your host, Janos Horvath at https://www.facebook.com/alltagshelden.schweiz

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