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# Please join this Meetup from any location when enough Wayshowers from your local area join, we will organize for local meetups #

We have a vision.....

"The amUnity Project" is an enterprise created to facilitate the evolution of humanity by creating a hub where new and existing projects which embody ethical holistic values may be crafted, incubated and developed and in so doing, support individuals to connect with their inner strengths and values as a means of Self-empowerment, while contributing to the well-being of Humanity and prosperity of the Planet at large.

* Join us NOW to learn, share, grow and transition to a fantastic new future *

Wayshowers are "sharers" we share to make our communities a better place to be for ALL Beings including our planet.

# Share the vision with your own tribe, we are coming together as ONE #

* About Us *

We are sovereign creative Beings coming together here as one tribe, one voice, ONE. We feel deeply that all is not at all well with our world, many systems are broken and corrupted, and the time has now come for a peaceful transition for the good of ALL to a new way of being, for the survival of our planet and all its Beings.

* About You *

You will fit right in if you feel that any or all of the points below resonate with you;

One/ We are on the cusp of changes of epic proportions; you feel that love & light is overcoming a corrupt, war-torn fear-based society/world.

Two/ Our current social systems/governance are no longer working in the best interests of ALL Beings on our planet. The choice of the "lesser of two evils" as the only way forward, i.e., Trump all that is wrong with Humanity, and Clinton all that is wrong with Government. The world is waking up to our current reality; the majority no longer have a choice, it's an illusion, and it's global.

Three/ The establishment recently floated the concept of banning "fake media" ie everything that the establishment (MSM - "MainStream Media" as we know it today) saw as a threat is now being attacked, removed or hidden from the public space. They had not counted on the uprising this would bring about, it has backfired on them big time, damage control almost everywhere you look, even President Trump has come out swing accusing CNN (an MSM outlet) that it is in fact, the fake news!
All the mean time we are becoming more and more censored, social media sharing of our messages is being throttled (limited). We need a new platform to communicate & organize totally uncensored going forward during this time of transition, we need to unite locally to look out for all our brothers & sisters.

# What new "Wayshowers" can expect:

Initially, we are forming a core mastermind group of Beings, who are Visionaries and Thought leaders, egos are left at the door. We are here for the good of all, we are here to serve and be of service, simply we are here to bring balance back, creating a shift back to a time of nurture in a caring loving and inclusive way. Women are born natural nurturers, and they will indeed need to be among the majority going forward.

Our intention is to connect with the best of the best, fast in mind, already dreaming, active and passionate Beings, purpose-driven with the desire to add their unique signature, skills & connections to our collective vision.

"What I want for me I want for all Beings." ~ Jerard Glennon

Once the initial framework is in place, we will then be asking for "Wayshowers" to rise and assist in the many areas that will need new models implemented moving forward.

Education, Health, Resource Based Economy, Governance & Currency are just some of the areas the amUnity platform will transform. - a very different model of education. - real healthcare, treating the problems, not the symptoms. & - our RBE tribe. - challenging / changing current MSM mindsets. ~ Wayshower reporters sharing news of the transition. - the currency of love.

Peace, Joy, Love and Light always ~ Jerard

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