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Learning to paint using your intuition to create an amazing original intuitive energy painting

Naked Canvas Intuitive Art Creative Expression. Learn to let go of your fear of the blank canvas and enjoy creating from the inside out.

Come and join me at the Vic Park studio for some great classes and workshops. All welcome.

Regular Monthly Classes include:

• Naked But Not Afraid Learning to paint using your intuition to create an amazing original intuitive energy painting! Spontaneous intuitive painting workshop Let the images emerge on the canvas through various layers and marks and texture to create a lovely unique abstract painting. Infuse the canvas with words and energy to personalize your piece. You don't have to have any experience I will guide you and support you step by step.

• Painting for absolute beginners Easy beginners class.

• Mixed media class: create an amazing piece with a variety of different mediums texture paste, inks and torn paper collage.

• Learn to draw in soft chalk pastel An easy way to learn soft pastels on paper.

• Creativity Club open studio sessions with optional tuition on the day - BYO materials, and enjoy the space to work on your art pieces, without tuition, but with guidance and support. A great social art group.

Go to www.nakedcanvas.com.au (http://www.nakedcanvas.com.au/about-naked-canvas/) to sign up for my regular newsletter and for all class information, and bookings.

Naked Canvas

Rear studio. 12 Kent St. Victoria Park WA
Phone Kathryn 0412198045 or email me though 'contact us'

f you dont see many rsvp for a class that is usually because books are also made through my website.

Connect on facebook (https://www.instagram.com/naked_canvas_art/?hl=en)

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About Kathryn

Artist, Facilitator & Creative Coach

I believe anyone can paint!
I love to help people free up their creativity and bring out their best whether you're a beginner or a more experienced artist. I'll support and encourage you every step of the way.

When I was a little girl I used to get lost in colour and drawing.
I would get totally absorbed and I loved it.
I was told I had other things to do, but the creativity was always inside me!
At age 16 I started making rag dolls & clowns. I loved making them all different, finding different materials and sewed unusual embroidered faces etc.
I started selling them and would get a buzz if I saw a little girl with one of my dolls.
I never really got encouragement from my Mother. I used to stay up late finishing them of for a customer. In hindsight she was just concerned for me.
I got married early and still would be creative in small ways.
I still loved to sketch and make things although after I had my first son I stopped for a few years.
It was only in my later years and after marriage breakup that I took up my creativity regularly again.
Starting with fabric painting in a group that ended up meeting every Monday.
It was my therapy.
From there I studied at Tafe collage in art design and floristry.
Being a florist taught me a lot about colour and design.
As I get into my 'later' years people liked to be creative around me, so I formed a Meetup group. Creativity is in my energy and people feel that, now I know it's my purpose.
I am always pushing the boundaries when people say 'you can't do things that way' and I say 'why not'. I love creating intuitive art from within and going with the flow.

I still battle with not being good enough and sometimes think I am wasting my time.
But the feeling of joy I get from painting and being creative in many ways far outweigh the negative.
I just need to allow myself to be creative with whoever I am with. Not to worry about what people think and get lost in it all again for the pure joy of it!


“Hi Kathryn, it was lovely meeting you and all the ladies yesterday. I had the most wonderful time in such a warm and supportive environment. Thank you.— Nov 2014

"Kath the studio looked and felt wonderful. Would like to say that this particular class for me, led me to doing the easiest and least stressful painting, I have ever done. Thanks heaps" — Helen July, 2015.

“ Kathryn is very encouraging and gives you plenty of time and space to experiment ” — Sarah Mar 10, 2015.

"Hi Kathryn, it was lovely meeting you and all the ladies yesterday. I had the most wonderful time in such a warm and supportive environment. Thank you."- Nov 2014

“ Kathryn is a great inspiration and has great insights ” on Nov 8, 2014.

“Lovely time, Kathryn creates a smashing atmosphere, great group of people, looking forward to the next one and the next.” — Apr 26, 2014.

“Great fun and good space to be creative! Really enjoyed creating portraits and catching up with fellow artistes! ” March 10, 2014.

“ I have made some beautiful new friends in this group so happy I joined this one, painting is now a sideline to meeting up with the girls although I do love the opportunity to grow and learn in my art... so glad I joined ” — Feb 12, 2014.

“Wonderful ladies expressing themselves beautifully on canvas. Such a great, positive, healing energy shared by all. Great to meet you and hope to see you and share again soon.” Apr 14, 2013.

“Good way to get in touch with the "Inner Artist" that otherwise is kept dormant during our busy working week. ” Mar 25, 2012.

“Thanks for squeezing me into the spray and colour workshop, Kathryn. Had fun with friendly ladies, lovely weather and a yummy afternoon tea. What more could one ask for?? ” Sept 11, 2011.


Some students work, finished in an afternoon








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