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Welcome to the Astrology Collective
Now is the time to unite the Soul and the World.  Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows.
I love this Rumi quote. It encapsulates our inner longing to infuse the material side of our existence with the Higher Love, Wisdom, and Intuitive Understandings of our Soul. 
Of all the help we may receive upon the way, Astrology is one of the most valuable, shining the light of understanding on our quest to know ourselves as Spiritual Beings having an earthly experience. Our quest has always been so: to know ourselves as an earthly personality in service to, and as an expression of, our greater Self, our Soul.
But now there is another layer, another point of growth we feel with a sense of urgency.  Yes, we are individuals, wounded, gifted, vulnerable, strong.  We are capable of self-interest, catering to our fears, our longings to fill that empty bucket with a hole in it: but equally capable of acts of great selflessness, wisdom, compassion, and sacrifice for the love of other beings.
With the help of astrology and our own inner bravery, we may learn to stand with our feet on the ground and our arms to heaven, in the centre of our own shadow and light.  And this is all necessary.  But right now, we are learning how to take this even further. We are learning how to be community: how to embrace our unique individuality whilst discovering our connectedness in mind, heart, and soul. Right now, we stand in this special place at the end of our civilization as we have known it.  We all, deep within our hearts, know that we must create a better world, a more loving, equal, and inclusive world.  Many of us are living with some form of grief, uncertainty, or hope for a better future.  And it is bigger than just our personal lives (though it may be manifesting there as well).  We truly are living in an end time.  What will Pluto in Aquarius bring?  What will our own hearts and Souls manifest?  To create a different world, we must tell a different story.  Firstly, become aware of the stories we are living with. How much has advertising and materialist culture inhabited our brains and set our priorities?  How do we step out of the ingrained habits we live by? For me, Mother Earth has whispered to me in the night and the soft light of morning that our healing, planetary healing, requires us to rediscover our deep shamanic connection to the Earth itself.  It is rebalance to a more grounded, deeper and more loving reality.  Astrology, as part of our story telling, also needs to reconnect with the earth.  This is going to become a greater focus with the Astrology Community as we walk on the path together. 
A new earth, a better society. It is a task that seems more enormous that we can imagine.  But like all tasks, one step at a time.  The Astrology Collective, our community, is my first step.  In our community we value and support your journey, each of you, as well as the collective. Those of you who have joined or are going to join our community, I love the fact that I am walking this path with you.  Much gratitude   Lynette

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