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BIA - Policy Meeting

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BIA - Policy Meeting


We are excited to invite you to our upcoming policy meeting where we will delve into the critical topic of basic income in Australia. Your participation is essential as we aim to foster an informed and constructive dialogue around BIA's policy:
Why Your Presence Matters:
The concept of basic income has gained considerable attention and momentum as a potential solution to address economic inequality, poverty, and social security issues in Australia. However, the success of any policy proposal hinges on a well-informed and open-minded discussion among citizens, stakeholders, and policymakers.
Your Role in the Discussion:
To ensure that our policy meeting is a productive and enlightening session, we kindly request that all participants take the time to read the proposed basic income policy or watch the 30min video before attending the event. By doing so, we can ensure that our discussion is based on a common understanding of the proposal's merits, potential challenges, and implications.
Key Discussion Points:
During our meeting, we will explore various aspects of the proposed basic income policy, including:

  1. Policy Objectives: What are the primary goals of implementing a basic income in Australia?
  2. Funding Mechanisms: How can we finance a basic income program sustainably?
  3. Impact on Society: What are the potential social and economic implications?
  4. Implementation Challenges: What obstacles might we encounter, and how can we overcome them?

How to Prepare:
Before the meeting, please review the provided policy document/video carefully. Take notes, jot down questions, and be ready to engage in a constructive conversation. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable as we seek to refine and promote a basic income policy that addresses the needs of all.

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