What we're about

The Hypnosis & NLP Training Meet Up originally ran as a practice group for recent graduates of Hypnosis and NLP programs.

The goal was to provide a friendly environment to hone graduate skills, get some practice doing hypnosis and NLP and ideally gain the confidence needed to genuinely help themselves and others.

What became abundantly clear over the 3 years we ran in that format is that the level of training that most people receive is desperately inadequate.

The 'churn and burn' format that many NLP and Hypnosis programs run in is a great business model - but it leaves students poorly equipped to assist people beyond a very superficial level.

We found that (at best) graduates emerged from these programs feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about using what they had been taught or (at worst) they were over confident in their abilities and tended to make foolish mistakes that undermined the impact of the work they were doing.

So we decided to do something about it.

Rather than trying to work with a gobbledegook of different training standards, content and abilities we decided to teach the stuff properly and either reinforce best practices or introduce them for the first time.

Come check it out.

In each session we will introduce a new topic, cite examples of how and when to use the content, conduct demonstrations, discuss experiences & then practice using the tool or technique.

The content is exactly the same as our paid programs - just in a tiny little delicious morsel size.

Every session is stand alone - so you don't need to attend in a sequence.

For full disclosure, these sessions are free for 3 reasons:

1. We are on a mission to purify NLP from decades of disrepute caused by poor quality teaching and terrible execution of technique.

2. Our graduates need practice, reinforcement and support ( and this is part of how we provide that )

3. We want you to train with us if you ever decide to learn NLP and hypnosis formally or upskill to an actual government accredited qualification

That said, there is no sales spam in what we speak about and no hypno-nlp selling technique BS either.

Past Events

Hypnotic Mastery - The Call to Adventure

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Hypnotic Mastery - Lesson 01 - The Everyday World

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