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DISCLAIMER: This groups is not a formal organization or association. The Group Organiser and/or Event Hosts take no responsibility for any mishaps that may occur at an event. Care is taken in the planning of events and members should read the event information before RSVPing to any event. Ultimately, members are responsible for themselves and their actions when attending events with this group.

Camping and Bush Walking in National Parks can confront an individual with various levels of risk, ranging from bad weather, wild animals, dangerous terrain and, most of all, poor human judgement. It is up to each adult to make sure they and anyone accompanying them are capable of completing the event.

By RSVPing to an event, you are confirming that you have read the event information, understand that there are risks and that you and you alone are responsible for yourself and your actions.

Information on walk grades can be found here: (

Shanee's Vision

i envision this group being more about spending time in nature with wonderful people than fitness hiking, but we will see how it evolves! small groups of campers, moderate hikes and through hikes on some of the incredible trails around south east queensland and northern new south wales. i hope to have frequent hikes going, and everyone who wants to can invite others on outings! open to all!!

Graham's Bit

So far we have been able to stay true to Shanee's vision. The group is more about the social aspects of enjoying the wonders of nature. Over time the group has evolved and grown into something we can all be proud of. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us. We are a very diverse group of people so when you join we will be even more diverse.

David's vision

My vision for the group is one that caters for a wide range of people. From those that enjoy smaller city walks, to those that enjoy 2-3 hours of fresh air and scenery close to the city, to those that like to stretch their legs on longer adventures. I don't see this as a group that ventures off the beaten track, but one that enjoys the marvellous tracks that the parks service provides.

Additionally I would like to see more emphasis on weekend camping trips that coinside with day hikes. That is to say weekends where there are one or two day hikes with a camping option. And members can choose to hike, camp, or do both!

While I am reluctant to say 'adults only' the group has developed into a sanctuary for adults.

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