Effortless Meditation Meetup

What we'll do

Short moments of meditation repeated many times become continuous.

Short moments are a timeless wisdom practice in a modern form. These Meetups offer tools, resources, support and trainers to help you get to know the love, clarity and beneficial power that is innate to you and every human being.

We begin these 60-minute Meetups by watching a short video with the founder of Balanced View. Then the facilitators Romy and Dan open up for questions and share their experience. You will leave the Meetup ready to test out the powerful practice of short moments of meditation in your day-to-day life.

Suggested contribution: $15-$30

All are welcome regardless of ability to contribute.

Please feel free to listen to a talk from Toby, one of the Balanced View Trainers:


And a participant share from Mikaela:


If you would like to know more about Balanced View you are welcome to:

• Watch some more free videos with other Balanced View trainers: https://www.balancedview.org/allmedia

• Hear from the community: http://www.balancedview.org/shares

• Take the free introductory course and join the Bright Community Facebook Group: http://www.bright.lc/access