The Drawing Social: Portraits of You and Me

What we'll do


The theme for this Drawing Social is: faces and expressions. We'll be exploring basic drawing techniques related to facial proportions, expressions and portraiture.

Absolutely no creative skills necessary! This event is for you if you want to:

- Meet new people in Melbourne
- Practise drawing faces and portraits
- Practise your conversational skills

"So is this a workshop or a social event?"

It is both! If you've been to a paint and sip event, this is the drawing equivalent (draw and sip!), with a little more interaction between attendees. Each session will have a different theme, which will guide the social activities that accompany the drawing exercises. There will be a lot of talking, a lot of drawing, and some drinking.

If you've been drawing for a while as a self-taught illustrator and want to deepen your understanding of portraiture, you're welcome to bring along any sketchbooks to receive feedback from our host artist.

Attendees (2)