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Inspiring, positive & transformational events,promoting + supporting conscious living

Our life is currently cloaked in a deep and magical shift in consciousness. An awakening of not just an alternative way of life, but a better more holistic and conscious connection within ourselves and with each other and the world in which we live. What was once a fashionable yet cosmetic path traversed by university students and anti-establishment activists has transformed full circle into an authentic, simple and tangible way of living devoured by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Founder Laura Di Mambro created Conscious Life Events in 2011 formally known as Higher Visions as a collaborative celebration of soulful teachers and students who trade secrets and knowledge on various modalities helping to re-build better life journeys through live interactive entertaining and educational events. Conscious Life events centre on all aspects of improving health, wellbeing, spirituality, nature and physical activity. Our people don’t just talk the talk. We walk and share it together every day through eco-friendly products, practices, celebrations and adventures. And by helping each other awaken our conscious spirit to the present moment. Not waiting for a future point in time, but focused on what we can do right now. The potential of what can be achieved by becoming conscious of living in the moment is limitless.

By inviting teachers , practitioners and specialists to share with our communities their love, knowledge and passion in all things health, wellbeing eco friendly, holistic and metaphysical. The conscious life events team runs regular inspiring and positive seminars, workshops, events and festivals promoting and supporting all aspects of conscious living and lifestyles.

It is our heartfelt purpose to support those who are in quest of clarity, change and expansion in their consciousness to facilitate a fulfilled life on all levels

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