What we're about

Is intelligent conversation that which is missing in your life?

Do you enjoy having honest and charitable conversations?

Do you prefer to listen to and understand an opposing view before you argue against it?

Do you prefer it when the people you are talking to really listen to what you are saying, rather than arguing against views they imagine you to have?

This group is for you! :)

At our events, we talk about a wide range of topics: science, religion, philosophy, culture, and politics.

A consistent theme of our events is our emphasis on curiosity, openness, civility, and honesty.

This emphasis isn't arbitrary. We want to have productive conversations, and we view this as an art form that requires practice.

This group was previously called "Fans of the Intellectual Dark Web".

As far as we can tell, the "IDW" was not a homogeneous group that all believed the same thing. What unified the IDW was its emphasis on championing dialogue, and the norms of honesty and charity that allow it to succeed.

No topics are forbidden here, secular or spiritual.

Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your views are.

There is of course the expectation that everybody behaves like adults.

And don't forget the conversation continues online on our discord server: https://discord.gg/UUZttKahYP

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