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What we’re about

What is Spoken Word?

Spoken Word is simply the reading aloud of any writing by the author themselves or even the reader. It is usually in the form of poetry or pros.

This group is for writers and creatives, poets, essayists, novelists, self-help gurus, story tellers, song lyric writers and any others involving the craft around words. The theme of spoken word is to come with a reading of some kind for the group, either your own work or the work of someone else.

The idea is that we can get together in a welcoming space and help each other with projects. Having listening ears from people who are genuinely interested can be a fantastic tool for taking the next step in a creative endeavour. Meeting with likeminded people also gives us the opportunity to collaborate and swap ideas across multiple disciplines. Relaxed and easy-going space welcoming to all, if weather permits, we can be outside or if not inside, I will adjust accordingly.

As group leader I will bring some small passages of my own work and other authors that inspire me or provoke thought. I encourage others to either read out something they have written or read something that have enjoyed reading. This may be scary to some but pushing your own boundaries is what will empower you in the long run. (Optional not mandatory)