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If you forgot to bring your emotion system instruction manual with you when you arrived on this planet and haven't been able to find a copy since, then come along and meet others in the same boat!

I have been curious about emotion my entire life. I have studied it from many angles and wondered why, despite the powerful influence of emotion in our lives, there was usually so much emphasis placed on teaching us how to think logically and very little about how emotion works and what to do with it! For many, emotions can seem to have a power of their own that can lead us to sometimes say and do things we later regret, or just be a plain nuisance that gets in the way of our clear thinking and creation of a fulfilling life.

After many decades of exploration, I have gained experience and qualifications in both scientific and spiritual perspectives on the topic. Like many others, I have read lots of books and completed lots of courses, workshops, and seminars, all of which were valuable. But the most value comes more from our own unique experience than from words - we need to practise what we learn, in the same way that a great sportsperson doesn't just read the book or go to a seminar and then perform at their desired level of excellence! It is this insight that prompted me to create this meetup.

If you would like to meet others who are also wanting to fine-tune their practice in developing their emotional intelligence, which is self-empowerment in my view, and to feel the support of others with similar intentions, please join us for a coffee and a chat and celebrate our emotional sensitivity!

It's definitely not a meetup for people wanting to explore the complexities of past experiences or dig deep into current traumas or dramas. If this is your goal, then please seek professional advice. Instead, it is a meetup for people who are learning (or wanting to learn) to use their emotion system in the present moment to create the positive future that they desire. It is expected that the shared focus of those attending the meetup will provide a supportive and uplifting environment for all attending.

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