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Calling Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with a winning mindset that are ready to take their business to the next level!

Do you feel that your product is great and your business could grow but there is something that is stopping you from achieving those goals? Do you feel you are in front of a roadblock? Would you like to learn strategies to shake off this situation and STEP UP?

Or do you think your business is already going well and could do with some tips to make it even better?

If you resonate with the above description this meet up is for you! We will organise networking events where we will introduce you to different techniques to increase your clientele and give you the tools to grow your business fast.

Huge benefits from our meet up:

- Network with other business owners and creating a community of people that support each other and create win-win situations.

- At least one HUGE event per month with more than 50/60 attendees (not bigger so that we allow you all to interact with each other)

- Massive knowledge from workshops and seminars (with successful Entrepreneurs and National Speakers) and events with massive discounts (some free tickets give away)

- Grow your database of potential clients (remember that your NETWORK equal your NET-WORTH)

- Learning how to step out of your comfort zone and leverage from the new "you"

- Personal development events and workshops and catch ups

And a lot more...

Stay tuned, lots of workshops coming up!

I look forward to hearing where you want to take your business! Let’s step it up!!

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2022 Business Planning: 5 Steps to More Confidence, Clarity & Cashflow


Tired of not having time or head space to create a plan because you’re so busy trying to be in all the places and keep up with all the things you “should'' be doing to grow your business?

Sick of following cookie cutter strategies designed for big personalities that feel completely misaligned and are honestly not working for you and how you want to feel in your business?

Frustrated with not knowing where to start on a strategic plan that allows you to effectively and efficiently grow and scale your business - on your terms?

And the thought of doing the same thing all over again in 2022 makes you want to break out in hives?

Let’s do things differently this coming year. Yes?

2022 Business Planning is a 4 hour in person workshop where you’ll learn how to create a strategic business growth plan that will help you attract quality clients and grow your business, in your own cozy way.

Here’s specifically what you will learn
🌟 The 3 biggest mistakes introvert entrepreneurs make when it comes to strategic planning and goal setting (and how to avoid these in 2022)
🌟 Why having a clear vision and mission are critical and how to create yours. (You don’t need to know your world changing life’s purpose, either!)
🌟 The simple yet effective planning method that will allow you to create outer success AND inner fulfillment (so you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity, self-care, or life to build a profitable, sustainable business)
🌟 The revenue-generating activities you need to prioritise to move the needle forward in your business whilst prioritising your energy management at the same time (think cozy rather than cookie-cutter strategies!)

Book your spot while it's still FREE!

Scale your Business Through Organic Marketing - Brisbane!

Quest Chermside on Playfield

Book your FREE spot here: https://e.empoweringevents.com.au/fm-workshop-live?utm_campaign=Organic&utm_source=meetup

"Business is all about mindset. If you don't work on your mindset, if you don't keep growing and if you don't keep investing in your brain, you're gonna be stuck." - Francesca Moi

It's time to take action if you want to make over $150k in profit from your business through organic strategies!

Join my in my next FREE Masterclass where I will show you how I made over $150K from running my signature workshop in 5 weeks!

Level up your success this 2022!


🛑 Get a chance to receive these amazing bonuses and upgrade to our Elite Access today!
👉 1:1 Business Strategy Call with Francesca
👉 Copy of my Invisible to Invincible Ebook
👉 Access to our Million Dollar Slide Deck Template
👉 And a chance to be coached by Francesca during the workshop

Drop me a message or book your Elite Access here: https://francescamoi.securechkout.com/upgrade

M.A.F.I.A Conference 2022 - 2day Event!

Victoria Park



Get a chance to meet the M.A.F.I.A. Family and learn how they've built their businesses and scale it through the M.A.F.I.A. Strategies!

I am opening up our very first M.A.F.I.A. Conference to the public to have the opportunity to network, mingle and pick the brains of our top Mafians.

Get excited, because VERY soon you’ll be surrounded by goal-getters just like yourself and flooded with new ideas, and a new way of looking at 2021.

I’m so excited to spend 2 days with you all! We have also lined up the most awesome and inspiring speakers there are. Make sure to block off the dates in your calendar and be ready for an amazing 2-day experience!

Click this link for more info: https://empoweringevents.com.au/e/m-a-f-i-a-conference/

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