Become INVINCIBLE in Social Media! Half Day Business Workshop - Brisbane

What we'll do


Are you in a word of mouth business and struggling to get new clients?

See when you are in a word of mouth business you get comfortable as you don’t have to do the 2 things that most business owners hate: Marketing and Selling!!!!

I get it!

I have helped thousands of business owners start over after spending years in a super successful word of mouth business, who eventually got stuck as it way easier staying small and letting others do the marketing for you… but

Don’t panic you can still turn things around, all you need to do is become a GO TO Expert on your social media so that EVERYBODY knows what you do and who you help!

Stop keeping all your knowledge to just your clients… there are thousands of people that need your help! And if you don’t step up your competitor will!

Come along and check out how simple BOOMING your business online and offline can be!! Stop working endless hours 1:1 and start levering your time running one to many workshops!!!

In this Workshop you'll learn the ideal way to:
1. Get your Facebook strategy right!
- How you can market yourself without spending $$$ in Facebook Ads. Learn to grow your following and clientele thru organic strategies

2. Creating a following
- Create your own raving fans and learn how you can Monetise and Engage your following

3. Turn into a lead generating machine
- See how I made $200K just from! Grew my business in just 3 years from 0-7 figures using the MeetUp Strategy!

4. Become Invincible online
- How to be SEEN by your target market and get free leads! Discover how the right clients come to you instead of the other way around!

5. How to create a presence online and offline
- Give value to your clients online & offline. Become a fully booked speaker and become the expert of your niche!

6. Gain clarity around your marketing funnel
- Have a marketing funnel that works and people in it!