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What we’re about

Anton Harrison-Kern is a successful Melbourne Entrepreneur with 16 active business, and experience across almost every sector. We have already contributed to many people's wealth! Let us contribute to you. Free, and with no catch!

  • What's the purpose of the group? We empower small business owners in Australia and all over the world
  • Who should join? anyone who owns a business (or plans to start one) and is seeking a new level of performance and happiness
  • What will you do at your events? discuss a concept, and then how to apply it in the real world of your business.

Come along and lets get your business firing!! (And if you don't have a business, we'll get you firing ;))

Join us Friday Mornings at 9am to get your week going!
Bring your questions!!

A little more about me, your coach, Anton:

It’s Late in the evening, about 15 years ago. I’m sitting at my desk, surrounded by papers and computer screens and I’m seriously stressed out.  My partner went to bed hours ago, I need to get up at 4am to prepare for a meeting first thing, 
To make matters worse, I’ll be in the bad books again tomorrow night because I’ll be missing my daughters singing recital after school for, you guessed it, another meeting.

I’m thinking, “Anton, There has to be a better way! Anton, What’s wrong with you, Anton, you’re a bad business operator. Why is there so much sacrifice when being a business owner! Where’s my laptop, and fancy drink at the beach picture? I’d have more freedom if I were waiting tables!  Maybe I should just give up!”..

I was in a 15 YEAR plateau
Being in business for me was a form of rebellion
That big pay day, that peace of mind etc etc just around that next corner
And then I would take inappropriate actions to try to have that lifestyle - for example spending money I don’t have, and the cycle deepened and worsened

Being a business owner is not all laptops on the beach with a fancy drink in your hand right?
How many of us have ever been in that situation?
Also - if you are at the beach, wouldn’t you rather be looking at the water and the beautiful landscape rather than your laptop screen?

We now have hundreds of clients who have created freedom and joy for themselves, while STILL owning a business!
1 man and woman shows, coaches, publicly listed company execs, construction company owners, medical practitioners, and on and on goes the list of people that I’ve worked with.

So I want to show you how you can get freedom in your business, starting today.  What do I want in return?  That you will share what you learn!  My mission is to create freedom and joy in business for all!  If you do that for me, we’ll call it even!

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