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This group is for everybody who is interested in the Go programming language (https://golang.org/). We organize meetups with technical talks and social events. Contact us if you're interested in hosting a meetup or giving a talk!

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Go Workshop for Beginners @ Kramp Hub (Utrecht)

Beatrix Building Jaarbeurs

Hello Gophers 👋! We're doing something new... A Go Workshop! One that is aimed at developers looking to start with Go. The workshop will be hosted by Kramp Hub on the 25 of February in Utrecht. Doors will open at 18:45 with some time for having a chat. At 19:00 we will start with the workshop. This workshop will walk you through the basics of Go; what it is, what you can do with it, how the syntax is, and what's in the standard library. We will also dive a little deeper into some concepts where Go differs from other languages such as Goroutines, channels, and package management. The aim of this workshop is for you to be able to write a fast concurrent program in Go. IMPORTANT: This workshop is for beginners only! There are only 20 spots available so please only sign up if you are very new to Go! Please keep your RSVP status up to date! Doing so helps organize the meetup tremendously. Thank you! Note: unlike our usual meetups, food will not be served at this event! Please make sure you eat before. Prerequisites: - Be proficient in at least one other programming language. - Bring a laptop. - Have Go installed. - Make sure you have an editor or IDE you're comfortable with. VS Code is a good option. - Your IDE should have Go plugins installed. - Git and a browser are also nice to have. - Be at least somewhat comfortable with using a terminal. If you want to talk about Go right now, join us on channel #amsterdam at the existing gophers.slack.com workspace. Sign up through https://invite.slack.golangbridge.org/ Hope to see you soon! Cheers, Go Amsterdam meetup team

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Go meetup @ Beat


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