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Namasté, a few days ago we completed the recent Spiritual Journey in India. It was such an amazing time, full of bliss and wonderful encounters, we could not have expected before. New connections opened doors, that are useful for further journeys, so that I am happy to announce the next spiritual trips to India I planned for you. Enjoy my newsletter. Many greetings from India Yours Bharati Learn the Secrets of the Yogis and Sadhus on Spiritual Journeys and Seminars in India A spiritual trip to India is not like any other journey. If you're interested in a spiritual journey that will give you a new perspective and change your world view - then this is a chance for you. This trip is more focused on "process work" - on the adventure of looking into ourselves and using the tools of the sacred and divine knowledge from the ancient palm leaf books. During this tour we will travel as a group and visit some of the mightiest and most sacred sites in India and attend special power spots in South India - Shirdi, for example, the Mahasamadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba, Tirupati, Plus a very special nearly unknown und very exciting energy space – the Temple of Ramalinga Swami, who has taught and lived the secrets of transforming the body into the light body. Visiting this site may change all belief systems and transform every soul. Starting point is Mumbay – the conclusion as well as the seminar is in Bangalore. More about the planned route of the journey here Date of Journey: 23 April – 3 March 2012 Travel Price: AUD 1,950.00 incl. comfortable accommodation and travel costs Flight cost to India, living expenses and admission charge is paid by each participant himself Healing and Enlightenment Intensive Seminar in Bangalore * Spiritual knowledge from India * Secrets of Sadhus, Yogis, Saints * Mantras and Yantras for healing and Soul-Transformation * Energy processes for spiritual experience In this seminar together we are going to perform powerful energy processes with yantras and mantras to experience and use spiritual energy directly. We are going to learn Healing Techniques from the ancient palm leaf books. Sadhus and Gurus for some hours are guests on our seminar. The seminar focused mainly on the secrets of the herbs and the development of the spiritual body - the right thing for spiritual seekers. Possibly spiritual experiences during this time are made tangible. Seminar date: 5 – 6 May 2012 Seminar Fee: AUD[masked] plus airfare and hotel Hotel arrangements for participants in every price category are possible Note: A journey to a holy place with the intention to learn, what is in our hearts and to integrate the knowledge ist that what is behind ordinary travel experiences. This memorable Pilgrimages are leading each one deep into the center of his being, to transform limiting thoughts and behavior to true integrity and joy. The responsibility for our own happiness leads to unconditional love, creativity and deep inner Silence. On this trip and also at the seminar, we want to be only a small group. Therefore, the courts are limited to 9 people. If you want to travel with us, please sign up soon to reserve your spot! Registration deadline is 29 March 2012 Please register absolutely up to this date, because the hotels and buses have the to be booked in advance! Cost: Journey 23 April – 3 March 2012 AUD 1,950.00 Seminar 5 – 6 May 2012 AUD[masked] It is possible to participate only in the power-trip or just the seminar. When booking Seminar and Journey together the price is AUD 2,190.00 (instead of AUD 2,320.00) Who was not in India before or does not know Bharati personally, please write an application for this trip to [masked]. For further details please send an e-mail to [masked] For application and more information please contact Sabine Klüver Tel. +49 [masked] Cell +49 [masked] Email: [masked] Following spiritual Journeys to India: Highest spiritual knowledge and holistic healing - Hampi - Oct./Nov. 2012 Exceptional 10-day retreat at a special power place in South India. Learn the secrets of Indian yogis and the healing power of delicious raw food diet. For the first time deep spiritual knowledge as well as holistic cleansing and healing with raw food come together in one retreat. North-India and its Secrets Part 1: Kumbha Mela in Allahabad 25 February - 12 March 2013 Part 2: Himalayas 14 March - 31 march 2013 This journey takes us to the most important spiritual places of every truth-seeker and yogi and to the limits of our belief systems. The first part starts at the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, the world's greatest spiritual festival, with estimated 60 - 90 million pilgrims, which takes place at this location only once every 12 years. Read more: The second part of the journey leads to a wonderful field trip to the Himalayas. Requirements for participation in this trip are openness, flexibility and the filing of an application. Experience in India travel is not required but would be ideal. Both parts of the trip can be booked separately or together More information: [masked] If you have questions send an e-mail to: [masked] Bharati About Bharati Corinna Glanert For 10 years now Bharati has been living mostly in India, to study directly at the source of the millennia-old Vedic knowledge, which was previously only accessible to a few seekers. She was consecrated in high-energy power spots in spiritual teachings, has many years experience as a healer and is a tireless researcher of new knowledge as well as new techniques of consciousness. Both in seminars and in individual consultations Bharati is happy to pass on their knowledge. Besides aura work her priorities are Lucide Dreaming, Astral Travel and Raw Food Diet. Since 2008, Bharati organizes journeys for small groups to special spiritual power places in India and is the proprietor of the Spirit Balance Onlineshop. Impressum Bharati Corinna Glanert Email [masked] Bharatis Blog: Bharatis Shop:

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