Hike Karawatha Forest (id004)

What we'll do

My phone number is[masked] (nigel)

hill rating is 4.5/10

meet at 9am for an 9.10am start

Directions. Turn into acacia rd from compton rd. Drive about 600m. Turn right into driveway.

Meeting location,
plan A - If the carpark isnt too busy, I'll be parked at the end near the concrete watertank. Plan B - if im not at the tank by 8.50am you will find me in the overflow carpark. Driving from the road, turn left before reaching the end of the carpark.

My silver Nissan Navara, 2 orange witches hats on the roof.

Google maps link for meeting location https://goo.gl/maps/cPqFJgga4tT2

This hike is on well defined and maintained bush tracks, the signs at the location indicates that dogs can be walked there on a leash, but lots of people have them off leash too. Fees $2 for and individual $3 for a family group Doggos are free ****************** Explanation of the hill rating I've found that steep hills seem to be the main concern for people that haven't done much hiking. At present our most arduous walk is Moggill. This is rated 10/10. A rating of 1/10 indicates basically no hills. So if you've done one of our walks and found it manageable, then in theory you should be ok with anything with a lower hill rating - if you also consider the duration of the walk as well *****************
TRAINING TIP Dog training. Recall. I don't claim to be a dog training expert but I'm more than happy to pass on what I've learnt while training my dog Chipo. If you want to you can stop reading now as I'm quite happy to impart knowledge face to face the next time you come to one of my walks. But I'll go over the details briefly for those who would like to have a go at home. Very simply I use a plastic whistle to signal Chipo to return to me. The whistle I recommend is about $20 on eBay. Here is a picture of one. https://imgur.com/gallery/66xkKN9 And here's a link for an eBay listing. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F331789387857 Teaching this: - let your dog run free in a secure fenced yard - blow a few short blasts on the whistle and when your dog comes to investigate the noise reward them with a significant treat (this is for a recall from at least 10 metres away. I believe that using the whistle frequently when they are closer will cause confusion and reduce the effectiveness of the signal in the long run) - You can then reinforce this procedure at maybe half hourly intervals at first and then space them out more - once the dog is returning consistently when you whistle you can change the pattern to only rewarding every second return or less - you can then move on to practicing the recall in a less confined but still safe location and you'll have to judge for yourself how confident you are that your dog will return to you consistently - you then need to introduce factors such as having the dog distracted by strange people, other dogs, and use treats as required to encourage the dog to return consistently when there are other distractions. This method may contradict training methods you are already using and of course you're welcome to try and modify the method any way you like. But an important consideration regarding getting your dog's behaviour how you want it to be, is that at any one time you need to decide what is (to you) the most important aspect of their behaviour that you want to change. I'm sure it's possible to teach a wide range of behaviours concurrently, but that's probably not possible for everyone or for every dog, and focusing on one or two behaviours is probably always going to be easier. Again please come and talk to me on a hike regarding anything that I say or do. I'm always happy to clarify, explain or expand on any doggo subjects.