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Javaforum is the Gothenburg Java User Group, part of Javaforum that is the Swedish JUG, see http://jforum.se. We arrange great tech talks about software development in Java and also Java hack nights.
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Javaforum Q4 2022

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Välkomna till Javaforum. Agendan är preliminär.
17:15 Registrering/mingel
17:30 Intro
17:35 Sneak Peak of the “Foreign Function and Memory API” in project Panama
One of the preview features in Java 19 is the “Foreign Function and Memory API” (FFM). It allows Java programs to interoperate with code and data outside the Java runtime. In this talk, we will explore what FFM has to offer and, via a number of hands-on live coding examples, see how the promises of FFM can be realized in your code today.
The FFM API is described in JEP 424 which is managed by project Panama. It enables Java programs to call native libraries and process native data without the brittleness and danger of JNI and Unsafe.
One of the live-code examples involves integrating and using a native C library directly from Java. Another demonstration shows how to migrate your code away from using ByteBuffer and Unsafe and instead use MemorySegment as a safer and more deterministic replacement.

Per Minborg works in the Java Core Library team at Oracle and is also a member of the Panama project team. He is an inventor and developer with more than 20 years of Java coding experience. He has been a frequent contributor to various open-source projects, is a regular speaker at events, Oracle JavaOne alumnus, and co-author of the publication Modern Java.

18:25 TBA

Efteråt finns enklare mat och dryck, ett utmärkt tillfälle att mingla med branschkollegor.

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Javaforum #1 2022

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