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What we’re about

Calling all passionate foodies, from home cooks & bakers to professional chefs, to share tips and tricks relating to cooking and baking with like-minded kitchen enthusiasts, whether you're just starting out or are looking to refine your knowledge and techniques!
Topics can range from an ingredients (different ways to prepare it, flavour combinations, etc), kitchen techniques (what’s worked or not), a specific cuisine, etc. 

We hold a range of foodie events such as from talks with experts on special topics, outings at restaurants from a range of cuisines, informal catchups on various topics or even at home cookups where we share kitchen skills in situe (most recently we learnt knife sharpening and how to make saffron-infused tagliatelle pasta from scratch). 
It's a pretty informal, fun and friendly group, open to all levels of kitchen adventurers seeking inspiration and a supportive community to help you develop your skills in the kitchen. 
Also Kitchen Catchup is now on Facebook and Instagram!
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Instagram : #kitchencatchup and

So feel free to check them out to keep across all the latest kitchen adventures!

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