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What we’re about

Imagine being able to honor yourself by attending a retreat day.
To nurture your body, soul, and mind regularly.
To come into a safe space and leave feeling better and better with each passing month.
To create the community that you deserve of kind, supportive, authentic, caring like-minded women. There's no need to imagine. Say yes to make it your new reality.
This day retreat will immerse you in:
- Wisdom
- Ceremony and ritual
- Sound healing
- Breathwork
- Your Angels and Guides
- The Spiritual Realms
- Guided visualizations
- Meditations
- Activations
- Affirmations
- Spiritual practices
- Community
And everything you need in your journey to your higher self and positive self-driven transformation to live your best life!
You will learn about the multiple layers of your bodies and energy centres and you will gain techniques to shift, heal and balance them.
We’ll touch on all of the relevant topics to living a fully self-actualized life such as self-love, healing, self-acceptance, overcoming fears, tapping our innate creativity, overcoming limiting beliefs and other obstacles, forgiveness, positive body image, co-creating with Spirit, and more.
Together we, Krisy the Shaman, Lisa Thurgate Marks, and Petra the Sound Alchemist will guide and support you every step of the way, sharing from our deep well of combined knowledge and experience.
We will create a community and together hold space for one another to be seen, heard, witnessed, supported, and encouraged on your journey to breakthrough to embody your higher self in your everyday world. And walking like her in this world, imagine the magical possibilities!
There's no need to imagine. Say yes to make it your new reality!

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