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Swap Meet
The idea is to bring a few items each which are useful but which you don't want anymore. It could be something like household objects, decorative paintings or figurines, clothing in good condition and so on. This will occur after we have enough interest to make it worthwhile so there will be a good variety of items there to choose from. Then everyone can swap their items to get things they want. You could do a 3-way swap, 4-way swap etc if the person who wants something you have isn't the one that has what you want. Date will be set in the future maybe a couple of months from now after we have some interest

Needs a location


What we're about

Live Free and Be Free

This group is about living a free and healthy lifestyle

In the sense of freedom and in the sense of no cost

Some of the kinds of things we would do are:
- Discussions about living free in a range of ways - naturally, mentally, cost-wise etc
- Activities such as outdoor meditation and yoga, gardens, cycling
- Events such as environmental fairs, swap meets, organic food fest
- Any relevant talks, speeches, forums

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