Art Classes for Beginners

What we'll do

Weekly art classes.

Are you wanting to try something creative, a beginner who doesn't know where to start?
Need something fun to do?
Is life busy and you never take time out for yourself?
Have a stressed and busy life?

All these are perfect reasons to begin art classes!!!

I will support, guide, push and teach you ways to get creative and how to open up yourself to new thinking. You work on what you are passionate about and I will help you bring your art to life.

$35 per class (payable per term)
If you pay before the 12th of June you will receive your first canvas to begin your journey, as my way of saying thank you.
Payment secures your spot.

Materials you need:
Start with primary colours (red, blue, yellow, black and white) - acrylics
Canvas, paper, or even recycled wood

Brushes are supplied and I have lots of extras in my studio that can be used too.

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