Inner Harmony Awareness Meditation Group

What we'll do

The evening starts with a guided relaxation meditation to help let go and also recover from the weeks busy-ness. That then leads into an insight meditation which is also guided. Training in concentration is also a part of the process. There are gaps within the guidance to allow you to explore your meditation on your own. Emphasis is placed on gaining awareness of the potential of your higher-consciousness and embracing your humanness with your greater potential. It's about learning how to create your own independent nurturing environment that you can tap into at any time. This is known as mindfullness. Guidance is also given on regulating and enhancing your energy flow. At the end of the meditation, we offer loving kindness and healing to our loved ones and the world at large.

After the meditation, I give some guidance on self-awareness and facilitate discussion around the various topics that arise. If you are wanting to go deeper, I am here to help you journey deeper into self-realisation and empowerment in the pursuit of enlightenment and maximising your potential.

Inner Harmony Meditation is a nurturing and insightful open group held on a weekly basis that can be attended whenever you like. Just wear comfortable clothes. We ask each member to contribute $15 to help support the center, or more if you like, or less if you can't.

Peace and Harmony.

Phil Golding