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Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club
Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club
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N Wharf road, docklands · Melbourne

How to find us

Enter from the water side of the Boating Hub. Please visit our website We are now located on the ground floor of the Community Hub at The Dock.

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What we'll do

Have you heard of dragon boating? It’s one of Australia's and the world's fastest growing water sports. With a focus on fitness, teamwork, fun and making lifelong friends, dragon boating is a unique experience that is sure to get your heart racing! And yes, the boats do look like dragons.

Check out this introduction to the sport and then come and join us to experience it yourself!

Here is a video from our big September come and try session!

Please arrive between 8:15am and 8:30am for a warm welcome, orientation and safety drill. We will be paddling regardless of weather, a little bit of rain won't hurt when you are already going to get a little wet.

The focus of the session is on developing an understanding of dragon boating by giving it a go, and having fun! We will spend about an hour paddling.

We provide paddles and life jackets but you will need to: wear old clothes or active wear that you don't mind getting wet, thermals or layers of clothes, old trainers/paddling boots/flip flops, bring a drink bottle, cap/hat, sunscreen, towel and toiletries, and a change of warm and dry clothes. We have good shower facilities with HOT water.

Please register here:

About us: We are a competitive and social dragon boating club, located in Melbourne's beautiful Docklands. We have competed at state, national and international events, winning multiple gold silver and bronze medals at each and are often part of fundraisers and social days. Whether you want to find a new sport to take up as recreation, make friends, get fit or represent your country on the world stage, Melbourne Flames can help you. We believe in you, do you?

Getting there by car: Drive to the Docklands end of Collins or Bourke Street, and follow the road around after The Library at the Dock. We are on the right hand side in the new building next to the Library Parking is limited to 2 hours on a Sunday, which is sufficient. There is other parking located near by.

Getting there on foot or by bike: Follow the paths alongside Collins and Bourke St towards docklands, past the Library at the Dock. We are now located in new building next to the Library at the Dock.

By Tram - take the #11 or #48 to Docklands and walk past the Library at the Dock. We are in the new Community Hub building next door to the Library.

We are looking forward to paddling with you!

A reflection on dragon boating:

Its Sunday morning, the sun is out, the clouds finally parted, it's a little chilly but hey, that's Melbourne for you. You re-adjust your shirt sleeves one last time. Ok. ready. You are sitting in a dragon boat, floating in Melbourne's Docklands. The city looks beautiful today, almost serene. The sun is shining through the towers. Etihad stadium is looming up ahead, waiting for the crowds that inevitably fill it each weekend. The boat looked fierce before you got on; there's a dragon's head on the front and a tail on the back. Okay, maybe this boat isn't so intimidating now that you are inside it. You think to yourself, hmm this seat is a little hard though. A small girl is sitting up the front with a big chinese drum, she seems happy to see you, that's reassuring. You look to your right, you see the friendly face of your bench buddy. You turn around and see 19 other friendly happy faces, paddles in hand. Everyone seems like they are a little nervous, but also curious, inquisitive. Your heart starts to race, it's nearly time to start, no time to worry about everyone else just now. You focus. A voice from the back of the boat yells, ARE YOU READY. You pause. Deap breath. It's time to listen to your steer. ATTENTION PLEASE. Your hand is a little cold and wet as you place your paddle in the still, blue water. You set yourself up. Deep breath. GO! The water explodes in a flurry of bubbles, foam and paddles. It’s happening, you are dragon boating, and it’s amazing.