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Melbourne Writers Group
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Every 2 weeks on Saturday

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What we'll do

• What we'll do
Writing Time. For those that missed the week before - Demand has grown Face the challenge that is our art with other writers. We have a great space at The Last Jar
Bring along your work and boost its word count. Get some editing done or start a new project. Chat with other writers and share your work and experiences. We aim to offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to great writing.
Here are some basics
- Bring what you are working on or start something new.
- You set your own goals, 200 words, 500 or for those on a Nano binge 2000 words.
- Bring headphones if you wish, as a general rule is headphones on mean you’re in the ‘Writing Zone’. it acts as a “Do Not Disturb.” Sign.
- Stuck or need help or someone to bounce ideas off chat to fellow writers to get tips and practical advice.
- Support the venue.
Any queries please contact any of the organisers

• What to bring
Laptop or note book what ever it is you write with :)

• What to bring
What ever you write on and with - except stone tablets and chiselling equipment :)

• Important to know
Support the venue :)