ng-sydney December 2015 - An Angular 2 Themed Anniversary

This is a past event

90 people went

Envoy Advanced Technologies Office

Level 1, 194 Miller Street North Sydney, NSW 2060 · Sydney

How to find us

From North Sydney train station, use Google maps to go to 194 Miller Street. Take the stairs to Level 1, there should be a sign on the left saying ng-sydney.

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What we'll do

Hello all,

This December marks our 12th meetup. Yup, ng-sydney has been going for its first year yet :)

Of course together we are going to make it an awesome celebration!

On the serious side, last meetup everyone agreed they want more Angular 2. And that's exactly what our sessions are going to be themed this time.

We'll have Duncan to talk about RxJS, which is taking over the roles of scope watch and promises in Angular 2, and is going to seriously change your JavaScript, even more than TypeScript will maybe.

After that we'll have an open talk session. One that is more focused on Angular 2 this time. It's never too late to contact Meligy if want to inject some good topic into this session though.

We'll also start a logo competition!!

We have been going for a year, and we don't have a logo yet. What a shame. Let's correct that, and get you some JetBrains IDE of your choice in the process!

(Feel free to share your work of art in the comments here if you want to pre-enter the competition, maybe then we can just vote on the winner in the meetup itself, makes it easier!)


Please help us have a successful meetup by following these:

1) RSVP quick if you are coming so we can plan the seats / pizza / drinks

2) And update your RSVP status to "No" if you can't make it, so others waiting can fill the spot. Don't make them miss out - really.


6:00 -- Start & Networking

6:30 -- Quick Introductions

6:50 -- Write sexier code with RsJS (by Duncan Hunter)

7: 20 -- Break & networking

7:30 -- Open Talk, More Angular 2 & A bit of ASP.NET 5

8:00 -- Home or afterparty!


-- Write sexier code with RsJS (by Duncan Hunter)

The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript or RxJS is a set of libraries to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable collections and Array#extras style composition in JavaScript.

Said more simply RxJS can be thought of as underscore or lodash for asynchronous operations!. RxJS is used in the Angular 2 core http module and also for performance gains within change detection.

In this talk we will learn how observable streams gives us the benefit of greater flexibility when it comes to handling the responses coming from HTTP requests in Angular2 services. You will also learn the most useful Array#extras like map, filter, concatAll, reduce and zip to make your code shorter, more self-descriptive, and more durable.

-- Open Talk, More Angular 2 & A bit of ASP.NET 5

We has an open talk last meetup with stuff from AngularConnect, that included Angular 1 and Angular 2. This time we'll focus mainly on Angular 2.

If you found anything cool for Angular 2 on the internet that you want to share without being a speaker, bring it to the table. Alternatively, if you want to present something for 5-15 minutes, just message the group admin Meligy.

As always, Meligy will have some backup content, around Angular 2 hot loading, and ASP.NET 5 news for Angular 2 developers from Microsoft Connect conference that a few members of the Angular team have attended.


- Envoy

The host & sponsor of this meeting is Envoy.

Envoy collaborates with clients and start-ups across a number of industries, using the latest web technologies and development techniques to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

You can learn more about envoy at (
They also tweet as @EnvoyAT