ng-sydney February 2016 - Everything About Project Setup

Envoy Advanced Technologies Office

Level 1, 194 Miller Street North Sydney, NSW 2060 · Sydney

How to find us

Take the stairs to Level 1, there should be a sign on the left saying ng-sydney.

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What we'll do

We got a bit of a late announcement this time, but this is because we have been cooking a bit of a different meetup :)

This February we are going to have smaller sessions as promised. That's 15 minutes or so each (with another 5 minutes for questions). We are also going to have one common theme, project setup in Angular, especially Angular 2!

We'll talk about as many options as we can pack in one night:
Like setting stuff on your own with a tool like Webpack? Check!
Like to use a starter / seed project and go from there? Check!
Like to run stuff from a generator like yeoman? Check!

Setting up Angular projects has always felt like a big mystery. It does deserve setting up the whole night for it.

We'll still have some room for open talk.

Let's make it about complex Angular 2 questions. If you do have a question (even if it doesn't fit the theme), just drop it in as a comment on the event page.


As always, please help us have a successful meetup by following these:

1) RSVP quick if you are coming so we can plan the seats / pizza / drinks

2) And update your RSVP status to "No" if you can't make it, so others waiting can fill the spot. Don't make them miss out - really.

These are MORE IMPORTANT when the event page comes up late, as not many people get the chance to RSVP.


6:00 -- Start & Networking [PIZZA & DRINKS]

6:30 -- Introductions & New Comers Minute of Fame

6:50 -- JSPM and Angular 2 (By Duncan Hunter)

7: 20 -- Quick Break

7:25 -- Angular 2 Starter Projects (By Michael Dausmann)

7:45 -- Quick Break

7:50 -- Angular project seeds and generators. How to bootstrap angular app (By Aliaksei)

8:10 -- Quick Break + Open Talk Session (Bring your difficult questions PLEASE)


-- JSPM and Angular 2 (By Duncan Hunter)

Doesn't the title say it all? Duncan will show a walk through of how to configure JSPM with Angular 2 and also show a bundling demo.

That should cover all the important topics. Simple, ha?

-- Angular 2 Starter Projects (By Michael Dausmann)

Angular 2 promises a clean and modern developer experience but to get that pretty canonical example to run for real, you are going to need to deal with transpilation, loading. unit and end to end testing, code organisation and coverage, packaging and typings.

There is no ‘standard way’ to do all this stuff but a number of ‘starter’ projects have popped up to help people get up and running.

In this session, Michael will be reviewing a bunch of these starter projects, explaining why they are different and making some humble recommendations.

-- Angular project seeds and generators. How to bootstrap angular app (By Aliaksei)

Aliaksei will be talking about how to bootstrap an Angular app quick using yeoman generators.

There are a few Angular 1 and Angular 2 generators that Aliaksei wants to get through.

Aliaksei will demonstrate the benefits of using yeoman angular generators and how to use them as a great starting point for a new angular projects.

-- Open Talk Session: Questions And Answers

Bring all your questions about Angular 2, pipes, Rx, and all the craziness that is about to become our norm in development.

Or bring your most complex Angular 1.x work or concept challenge, and let's decipher it together.

Still learning Angular? Don't shy away from bringing what on the surface looks like a small question as well. It might be loaded more than you think!

You can send a question directly to the host (Meligy), have it ready as a JSFiddle/JSBin/Plunker URL ready to type, and/or just drop the question in comments, on this very meetup event page.


- Envoy

The host of this meeting is our oldest sponsor, Envoy.

Envoy collaborates with clients and start-ups across a number of industries, using the latest web technologies and development techniques to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

You can learn more about envoy at (
They also tweet as @EnvoyAT