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What we’re about

This group is ideal for any landlord whether you are a new or seasoned investor. When seeking support, sometimes good old fashion experience is the key and sometimes its talking to an expert! We hope to build confidence in landlord knowledge and intentions thus empowering them to build harmony between landlord and tenant business relationships.

We will be supporting and sharing information with each other and hope to raise awareness for property investors about solutions and resources that could be supportive to them.

In addition to supporting landlords with existing investment pains, we will also be learning how to tackle pain points before they become an issue by bringing in experts in their field such as tradespeople, accountants, renovation experts, property managers, dispute resolution, financial experts....and the list goes on!
We will cover the following content but not limited to:
Rent Increases
Lease renewals
Tenancy matters
Strategic renovations for rental properties
Growth mindset
Damage control
Investment Strategies
Tenancy Information/resources
Tax depreciation
Selling a rental property
Q/A's to cover a direct matter of concern

If you have any property questions please feel free to call Shalinder Rai - 0452 500 058 or simply book a quick zoom call